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Successful structuring of regulatory audits as a bank? With Backing your external audit!

15. January 2019 | News

For banks, these kinds of audits are associated with enormous expenditures. Audit execution can be rendered efficient and resource-conserving by having a structured approach and determining the corresponding measures.

What will remain of Blockchain after Bitcoin & Co.? – An Estimation

20. December 2018 | News

The hype over cryptocurrencies is over. Now blockchain is going to have to prove its ability to contribute to value addition at companies beyond Bitcoin & Co. So where are opportunities to…

Lünendonk study: IT strategies and cloud sourcing in the scope of digital transformation

3. December 2018 | News

Cloud computing can offer huge advantages for companies – the prerequisite: Processes, organization, and internal conditions need to ready for the cloud. The Q_PERIOR Cloud Maturity Assessment will assist you to that…

To create a modern digital customer interface, Q_PERIOR is working with Gothaer Health Insurance on a project to build and launch a healthcare app. Joseph Meiser of Gothaer discusses in an interview the role InsurTech has in the healthcare market.

Audi AG has created competence networks for establishing and enhancing knowledge and competences with respect to future technologies. Q_PERIOR supported the company in setting up a secondary agile organizational structure.

SBB is now integrating its shop partners into business processes by making sales and frequency analysis data available to merchants, including forecasts and KPIs.


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