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News in the Automotive Industry

  • Companies have various motives for getting involved in blockchain projects. So, what are the strategies for the automotive sector? Which use cases are being evaluated and to which of the automotive industry’s questions can blockchain provid

If blockchain is the answer, what’s the question? A look to the automotive sector

  • Digital transformation is changing the automotive ecosystem. On-demand car functions are fueling the automobile’s development toward an all-in-one device. For the automotive industry, new sales opportunities and business models are opening

On-demand car functions: Will cars become all-in-one devices?

  • The business and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR is enhancing its presence in Stuttgart and enlarging its Automotive division.

Q_PERIOR strengthening the Automotive Team and investing in its Stuttgart office

  • On-demand car functions offer great potential of new revenue sources for the automotive industry. Find out what the opportunities and the challenges of this new business model are.

On-Demand Car Functions: A new Revenue Source for the Car of the Future

Our Services for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Services

Transformation in the automotive ecosystem is fully underway and still far from being complete. The rising levels of networking and digitalization are creating space for new business models and digital players. And the way we think about mobility itself is changing, reaching new levels that now transcend individual products. At the center of these developments stand the customers, with their demands for flexibility, individualization, and comprehensive solutions. The automotive industry will have to face these challenges in order to access the potential to be found in these new sales opportunities and business models.

To survive and thrive in the world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiquity), it will be necessary to adapt work methods, processes, and mindsets. The motto: Responding to change over following a plan (Agile Manifesto). Agile work methods, which represent customer centricity, transparency, and flexibility, are just one area that requires strategies for sustainable change. Businesses and organizations are rendering themselves vertical and restructuring in order to leverage and distribute employee potential and responsibility more effectively. However, as in the case with digitalization, the greatest challenges ultimately is not presented by technology and concept quality. Rather, the greatest challenges lies in the people who are going to be affected by the change.

  • Change Highway
  • Agile and Leadership
  • Customer Centricity
  • Certification and Compliance
  • Roadmapping

Modern companies are no longer conceivable without future-ready IT solutions. On the one hand, this is because the challenges in the automotive sector are also becoming more and more complex. Accordingly, innovative IT solutions are needed that will guarantee transparency, process security, system consistency, and positive user experience. On the other hand, modern IT systems can leverage the potential from the Internet of Things, automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and secure competitive advantages. We accompany our clients in all stages from strategy consulting, IT concept development, and selecting the right tools and IT security to successful implementation.

  • Connected Car/ IoT
  • Embedded Systems/ Car IT
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Security
  • Cloud Technologies
  • SAP (eg. S/4HANA)
  • Strategic IT Management
  • Future Workplace

Facts & Figures

A Selection of our Clients in the Automotive Industry

Success Stories in the Automotive Industry

  • Audi AG has created competence networks for establishing and enhancing knowledge and competences with respect to future technologies. Q_PERIOR supported the company in setting up a secondary agile organizational structure.

Success Story: Competence networks: Agile network structure as an innovation driver

  • German car-maker, Audi, has introduced five new, internal social media as part of its Audi Enterprise 2.0 program. Q_PERIOR supported the company from the design stage to implementation and roll-out of the new Enterprise Social Network, “Au

Success Story: With Q_PERIOR to Enterprise 2.0

  • The networking of the car and additional digital services are fast becoming a decisive competitive factor in the automotive industry. Q_PERIOR are helping renowned auto manufacturers to provide these new digital opportunities for their cust

Success Story: New mobility – digital and networked

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