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Whether you want to apply the knowledge you have learned as a student or graduate and really want to get off to a flying start in your job, or as an experienced consultant you want to pursue new career paths – we will accompany you on your way with the Coaching & Leading Model, provide you with trinings in the Q_PERIOR Academy and show you the options for your career in the Q_PERIOR Career Model.

The Coaching & Leading Model

Our Coaching & Leading Model ensures that your personal goals and Q_PERIOR’s business objectives align in the best manner possible. This applies for project success, living company values, your individual work-life balance, and your ongoing advancement. So, who is the Lead? Who is the Coach? And what is it they do?



The Lead is your manager within your department. Conjointly with you, he or she holds co-responsibility for your long-term development with respect to career and skills. You will discuss your personal vision with your lead, placing a central focus on the ideas you have for your career at Q_PERIOR, which can gladly encompass aspects outside of the company as well.


The Coach is your manager in a project and makes sure that the project results are achieved. He or she is additionally responsible for your personal development within the project, accounting for the goals laid out in your own vision. That does not mean you have two bosses to answer to, of course. The Lead and the Coach do ensure that there is close coordination between them. That means you will benefit from always having a contact partner by your side who is familiar with your goals and your vision.

Human Relations

Human Relations oversees all three roles in the Coaching & Leading Model and serves as a central point of contact. If there are any questions, the colleagues in HR are happy to be at your service and provide support as a neutral mediator – also for situations where disagreements are involved.


As an employee, you are the central hub and anchor point in the Coaching & Leading process, which of course means you yourself need to be active in honing your vision and your goals. Execution lies in your hands: Accordingly, you are called upon when it comes to goal attainment and the associated outcome. Our open feedback culture provides an opportunity to communicate feedback to your Coach and your Lead promptly and openly, and to mutually work toward goal attainment.

As an employee, you furthermore have the chance to leverage this Model’s benefits not only as a coachee. If you are interested in taking on more leadership responsibility, you have an opportunity to develop into a Lead via the role of Coach.

Question: What is so great about the Coaching & Leading Model?

There is a contact partner available to me in both the project and the topic chapter in the event of problems. Additionally, there is someone who can give me constructive feedback, and with whom I can define my goals conjointly. This is not just some concept on paper – it is truly lived.

Julia Hilebrand, Julia Hilebrand, Analyst, Automotive

The Model is particularly valuable for me as a Lead, for it provides unbelievable developmental potential for both the employees and for me directly. In the role as Coach and Lead, direct feedback is especially important to the development of coachees and leadees, which  helps to successfully accompany them on their journey toward their short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

Christopher Wild, Christopher Wild, Manager, Automotive

I am not deployed on the same project as the colleagues for whom I serve as Lead. That is why the Coach embedded in the project does of course help as a contact partner, yet also as a confidant for when the Lead is simply too far away. And I also have another Coach on the project who gives me open and respectful feedback, representing an important sparing partner for difficult client situations.

Katrin Rieger, Katrin Rieger, Manager, Insurance, Operational and Inventory Management

Q_PERIOR Academy

Without your know-how we would not be one of the most successful German management consultancies. That is why continuing education and further development for our employees  is particularly important to us. We make sure that every employee has an opportunity to spend up to to five days per year (chargeable) attending training programs at our Academy. For there is always more to learn: that applies for newcomer analysts and experienced partners alike.

Question: What makes the Academy stand out?

The Academy’s training portfolio is growing every year. And the programs are very high quality, as each one is led by experts. You have the opportunity to learn not only through theory, but also through the introduction of actual situations from practice.  In addition to that I get to know new colleagues from other divisions.

Michel Magne, Manageing ConsultantMichel Magne, Managing Consultant, Technologie und Innovation

For me, being a trainer offers a nice diversion from working on client projects. I very much enjoy being surrounded by Q_PERIOR colleagues for one or two days and being able to chat with them about our experiences. Those are also the moments where I am almost proud of how many different personalities and thoroughly competent colleagues I work with.

Katrin Hagen, Senior ConsultantKatrin Hagen, Senior Consultant, Projektmanagement Excellence

Q_PERIOR Career Model

At Q_PERIOR, you can choose one of two career paths based on your personal development goals and preferences:

  • The Q_PERIOR Expert Track promotes employees who are looking for specialization in their sphere of responsibility by becoming an expert in a specific domain.
  • On the Q_PERIOR Management Track, you primarily assume personnel management and acquisition tasks, thereby gaining your first experience with entrepreneurial responsibility.

Both developmental paths are on equal terms and carry the same importance. We view ourselves as a fluid company, facilitating not only transition between departments at any time, but also transitions from the Management Track to the Expert Track or vice versa.

Consultant Program

At Q_PERIOR, recent graduates can garner practical experience extremely quickly. You can even be working on your first project on your second day. However, we do not abandon recent graduates in their new project work. Our Consultant Program embodies a training package that prepares you as a recent graduate for your consultant job in a professional, methodical and personalized manner.

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