Coaching & Leading

The Q_PERIOR management model, “Coaching & Leading” ensures that your individual goals and Q_PERIOR’s corporate objectives match to the optimum extent. With regard to the success of the project, living and breathing the corporate values, work-life balance and personal growth.

The lead is your manager within your department. Together with you, they are responsible for your long-term career development and the growth of your expertise. We believe this is the best way to orchestrate the performance and motivation of each individual. In addition, you agree your vision with your lead, in other words what you would like to achieve at Q_PERIOR in the long term.

The coach is your manager for the project and is responsible for ensuring its results. They are also responsible for your personal growth within the project assignment taking into account the goals in your vision.

Human Resources is your general point of contact within the coaching & leading process. Your colleagues at HR will be at your side with advice if questions arise, and they are responsible for quality assurance and for refining the Q_PERIOR Coaching & Leading model. As a neutral broker, they support all parties in the process – even if disagreements arise.

As an employee, you are the linchpin in the coaching & leading process, and you are yourself responsible for playing an active role in identifying visions and objectives. We embody an open feedback culture and for that reason, employees should communicate their feedback to their coach or lead promptly and openly. In addition, you are responsible for implementing the agreed goals and for achieving the results associated with them.


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