Our Consultant Program

With our Consultant Program accompanying projects, we will make you, as a college graduate or young professional, fit for your career as a consultant and beyond. With technical workshops and social skills training as well as parallel client assignments, your first year at Q_PERIOR will give you a practical introduction to your varied job as a consultant.

The agenda of the Q_PERIOR Consultant Program is rich in training sessions ranging from communication, via project management all the way to presentation and time management. These sessions form a broad foundation enabling you to hit the ground running as a consultant from the outset. This is also the view of the job exchange, Absolventa, incidentally which in collaboration with the Institute for Human Capital Management at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, awarded Q_PERIOR its coveted seal of approval for outstanding junior development.

Curious? Then send your application! We are constantly on the lookout for highly motivated, energetic personalities with an affinity for IT to embark on our program.


Do you have any questions? Please contact our recruiting team.
Just write an E-mail to: recruiting@q-perior.com