The Consultant Program

At Q_PERIOR, we offer recent graduates a very swift start in practice – you can be working on your first project right from your second day at work. But to make sure there is more than just on-the-job training, we will provide a 12-month Consultant Program complementary to your project to equip you with the methods and professional tools needed for working as a consultant.

What is the advantage about this: The program not only imparts a wealth of knowledge, it also means you will be coming into the office on a regular basis, learning our culture and meeting your colleagues. The groups in our Consultant Program truly grow together and have a great time in and around the training sessions.

Key facts on the Consultant Program

Duration: 12 months, parallel to customer and project deployments

Start: Not linked to any fixed time, generally 4x per year

Training locations: Munich and/ or Hamburg, Zurich

Group size: 12 people

Prerequisites: None, except for curiosity and the desire to learn new things

Consultant Program curriculum

The curriculum ranges from communication skills and agile project management to new technologies and presentation techniques. That means you will have the opportunity to advance with respect to methods, technologies, and personal skills.

Question: Why is the Consultant Program a good start for working as a consultant?

What I really like about the Consultant Program is the opportunity to see all the different fields in which we provide consultation. Additionally, the program enables me to advance as a person and as a professional in order to fulfill the role of a consultant as best as possible.

Julia Hilebrand, Julia Hilebrand, Analyst, Automotive

For me, the Consultant Program’s greatest added value comes from the experience wielded by the trainers, garnered from actual projects they have worked on in the past. That means the examples used are frequently straight out of practice and are extremely helpful for us starting our career.

Romana Martyniuk, AnalystRomana Martyniuk, Analyst, Banking

Impressions from the Consultant Program


In addition to our Consultant Program, we offer an opportunity for further specialization in our core fields of Banking and Insurance. To that end, we offer two sector programs that run parallel to the Consultant Program:

These supplementary modules are oriented around the processes at an insurance company and prepare you  to consult in the insurance industry.

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In addition to the fundamental training, you can attend supplementary modules tailored to the specific requirements in the banking industry.

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