Your career launch at Q_PERIOR

It does not  matter whether you already know where you want to go, or if you are looking to try out new things: At Q_PERIOR, we will make it possible and coordinate with you to deliver the perfect career launch.

Being part of a project right from the outset? This is definitely possible with us. Of course, we will not leave you on your own. You are part of a project team, with support and leadership from a Coach.

In addition to on-the-job-training, we also have a 12-month Consultant Program. It will equip you with solid knowledge and skills in methodology and personal development. There are also specific programs specializing in Banking and Insurance.


We have exciting, innovative projects with renowned clients and the kind of team spirit that makes work fun. At Q_PERIOR, I have the opportunity to advance personally and professionally, and I value how it combines an ambitious consultancy with flat organizational structures and a collegial atmosphere.

Kai-Lennard Junior, ConsultantKai-Lennart Junior, Consultant, Energy

As an analyst at Q_PERIOR, you’ll garner a great deal of experience and a high degree of knowledge in a short period of time. Thanks to the many experienced colleagues deployed in projects, onboarding and training run seamlessly. It’s a great way to launch a career in consulting.

Julia Hilebrand, Julia Hilebrand, Analyst, Automotive

Are we a good match?

We are looking for people who are a solid fit for us, and for whom we are a solid fit as well.

„The results represent our top goal in a project. But it still needs to be fun.“

„I love my job – but my free time, too. Those two aspects are compatible.“

„You seldom make it far as a lone warrior – the best results come from team work.“

„I don’t just want to learn theory; I want to deploy my knowledge in practice.“

„I want to develop my skill set and lay a solid foundation for my consultant carrier.“

“I don’t want to become too anchored in one thing, but rather gain insight into a variety of companies and work on the most current issues.”

“I want to learn from experienced consultants and also contribute my own ideas.”

Are those assertions you would subscribe to? Then we are a match!

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We are looking for candidates holding a degree in business, computer science, business information systems, business mathematics, business law or industrial engineering. We also welcome related fields of study and degrees with a specific sector focus.

Work @ Q_PERIOR means

Your development

Learning never ends

At Q_PERIOR, completion of the Consultant Program is not the end of professional development. With 200 training programs a year offered by our in-house Academy, there is an abundance of opportunities for your professional and personal development. Be it slide writing, English courses, certifications, or an MBA – the programs available are highly diverse. And if you cannot find the kind of training you are looking for, you can always attend an external course.

Career paths

You will  receive guidance from your Lead, who will help you to develop your career as a manager or establish yourself as a specialized expert in accordance with your vision.

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We have won your trust and you think we would be a good match for one another? Then let us find the right job for you, together. Send us an application now to tell us about yourself and what you are looking for.

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