New paths for professional consultants at Q_PERIOR

You want to travel down new paths and move something with your knowledge and your experience? We believe in employees who want to make something of themselves and enjoy pursuing further professional development. We will tailor your career opportunities to your own personal vision.

The great thing about working at Q_PERIOR is you’re free to develop and apply yourself without reservations and express your wishes at any time.

Jasmin Kauf, Jasmin Kauf, Senior Consultant, Insurance, Sales Management

Why do I work at Q_PERIOR? I promised myself 22 years ago that if I no longer have a smile on my face while riding the subway to work, then I’d change my job. That hasn’t happened yet. :)

Hansjoerg MuessigHansjörg Müssig, Associate Partner, Project Management Excellence

What makes Q_PERIOR special is that we live our values here, and the corporate culture is deeply rooted.

Thomas Wertenbruch, Thomas Wertenbruch, Associate Partner, Banking

Are we a good match?

We are looking for people who are a solid fit for us, and for whom we are a solid fit as well.

„The results represent our top goal in a project. But it still needs to be fun.“

„I love my job – but my free time, too. Those two aspects are compatible.“

„I want to work on new technologies and issues without losing sight of tried and trusted methods.“

„If an idea is good and finds market acceptance, then I also want to be able to put all my energy into it.“

„In a job interview, it’s not only important for the applicant to be a good match for the position, it’s likewise important for the employer to be a good match for me as an applicant.“

„You seldom make it far as a lone warrior – the best results come from team work.“

Are those assertions you would subscribe to? Then we are a match!

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Work @ Q_PERIOR means

Your development

Learning never ends

It is important that development takes place on both, the professional and the personal level. Our Academy offers employees more than 90 direct training programs, some of which are led by Q_PERIs. You can even charge up to 5 training days a year. If you cannot find the type of training you are looking for, there is also an option to attend external programs. Perhaps you are already an expert in your field – then you are welcome to become a trainer and share your knowledge with others.

Career paths

Follow your strengths and interests: We will provide you with a career path that aligns with your vision. Develop your field into your business and become a project team manager or an established expert. Our specially designed career model delivers an opportunity to advance all the way to partner, irrespective of the track you choose.


The term we like to use here is “fluid company.” You will have the option of choosing  a new orientation within Q_PERIOR at any time. Examples here could include transitioning from a sales position to a solution team, or perhaps to a project team. There are many paths available.

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We have won your trust and you think we would be a good match for one another? Then let us find the right job for you, together. Send us an application now to tell us about yourself and what you are looking for.

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