Digital Employee: Process Digitization for Authorities

Digital Employee: Process Digitization for Authorities

Better Workload Balance through Process Automation

The Corona crisis poses great challenges for authorities in processing applications for part-time work. Those departments are working at full speed to review the large number of incoming applications and at times having to deviate from standard processes to meet the demand. They are required to decide as quickly as possible which company is entitled to claim state benefits. In most cases, the review is carried out manually, which leads to personal stress and an enormous backlog.

With our product Digital Employee for Workload Balance, we support public authorities and government agencies by digitizing and automating processing procedures reducing employee workload (and work-related stress) and improving customer service.

Issues which become the Focus of Attention for Authorities in the Crisis

How can we process all these applications (short-time work, social assistance, unemployment benefits, subsidies)?

How do we maintain our corporate reputation by continuing to provide superior service to our customers even under a heavy load?

How are we supposed to plan personnel if we do not know how many cases will be processed?

What happens if an employee is absent?

How do I use digital tools to support my processes?

How should we budget the additional personnel costs?

The Simplicity of integrating the Digital Employee in Your Organization

Q_PERIOR_Digital Employee

Quick Procedures enable quick Support

Within a few days your Digital Employee can be deployed.

A better Work Balance through Digitalization of Processes

Managing the Burden of Applications:
The Digital Employee helps.

Our Digital Employee for your process mimics the manual interactions of your employees. This way your backlog of applications is dealt with more efficiently.

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