Quickly implement BI and Analytics Tools
with the Rapid Deployment BI-Cockpit

Quickly implement BI and Analytics Tools
with the Rapid Deployment BI-Cockpit

Fast Access to a modern Business Analytics

In the current crisis situation, the motto for companies is: “Cash is King”. Business intelligence and analytics tools available on the market offer everything necessary to keep track of a company’s key figures, but the complexity of data integration when introducing such tools often presents companies with major hurdles. This can lead to valuable time and resources being lost at the worst possible time.

With our solution Rapid Deployment BI-Cockpit, we enable you to get started very quickly with modern business analytics.

Issues that the Crisis has brought into Focus

How are accounts receivable and how is the payment behaviourof customers changing?

How do I integrate the necessary tools without burdening my existing infrastructure?

How can I install a cockpit in the shortest possible time that helps me to make optimal decisions?

Which of my products offer the most growth opportunities despite the crisis?

How efficiently do our sales and purchasing departments work during the crisis?

How do I ensure data protection?

Being able to make informed Decisions quickly with a quick Approach

Our Rapid Deployment BI-Cockpit solution provides you with effective decision support in the shortest possible time.

What are the Advantages of our Rapid Deployment BI-Cockpit for You?

Make informed Decisions quickly with the Rapid Deployment BI-Cockpit

Implement a BI & Analytics solution in a few days instead of months and create the tools to respond to crisis-related changes in timely manner.

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