Cloud Computing – The path to successful cloud organization

Cloud Computing – The path to successful cloud organization

Today, cloud computing is already being deployed at leading companies of all sizes and sectors in order to obtain access to new technologies and improve market flexibility. According to a recent Lünendonk study, cloud infrastructure services already account for 42 percent of all external services. The role and perception of IT departments has also changed, such that IT is increasingly becoming a partner for other departments. This results in closer cooperation between IT and other departments, as well as a need for clear communication as regards requirements and feasibilities.

These developments can only be welcomed, for the hazards of ‘shadow IT’ and ‘maverick buying’ harbor not only business and security risks, they also make it extraordinarily difficult to achieve a uniform strategy in IT and sourcing. Other departments are able to procure services from cloud providers with little time investment, which is why IT departments need to contribute to the shaping of innovations and trends in order to remain relevant as a provider of added value for other departments.

This trend is allowing IT, as an innovator and business enabler, to contribute to the shaping of changes by functioning as a bridge between the needs of other departments and the offers from cloud service providers. The structuring of the service catalog and the deployment of a cloud strategy based on business strategy are indispensable to successful IT management.

Cloud computing correlates with many other trending topics in the IT world. Simple access to cloud services means cloud computing is meeting the desire for agility and speed. This is based on both the method of software development and delivery (SCRUM, continuous delivery), as well as organizational structures like DevOps or multi-speed IT. These developments speak in favor of observing cloud computing holistically while taking dimensions like strategy, organization & processes, architecture, governance, or sourcing into account at any early stage. This multi-level view of cloud computing has two significant advantages which make it possible to release the technology’s full potential: In addition to technical implementation, optimization becomes possible across all organizational divisions.

Cloud computing: Opportunities and risks

The specific advantages for a company will be a function of that company’s individual circumstances. The internal and external parameters of a sector (regulatory affairs, data privacy, security requirements) influence the use of cloud computing and can definitely have an impact on the desired results. Accordingly, euphoria is often followed by swift disillusionment: The agility desired won’t be met in practice if there are complex processes, and scalability cannot be achieved when there is poor forecasting. So, where should companies start when they want to get their processes, organization, and internal parameters ready for the cloud? It helps to take a holistic view on the influence cloud computing has on the company. Cloud computing has established itself as a serious alternative to classic IT structure. That means it pays to review more than just technical requirements.

Cloud computing – Motivation and challenges

Cloud computing – Dimensions of success

Not all companies find themselves with the same challenges when it comes to cloud computing. In addition to the respective sector, individual parameters, and external influences, a key role is also played by having an awareness for where a company finds itself along its cloud journey. It doesn’t matter whether your company is inexperienced in cloud settings or has already had its first cloud experience. A multi-dimensional view of maturity at each stage of the cloud journey is the key for holistic progress.

The Cloud Journey lays out five stages in cloud adaption.

A company’s cloud maturity is determined by five dimensions. Accordingly, the dimensions of strategy, governance, organization & processes, architecture, and sourcing need to be analyzed and successfully tailored to the requirements of a successful cloud organization. The influence wielded by the requirements and parameters from law or industry standards needs to be accounted for in each dimension.

Cloud maturity is measured via five dimensions.

Cloud Journey – Where do you stand, and where do you want to go?

When implementing cloud computing, it is important to study your organization at an early stage to determine the necessary changes, and to prepare accordingly. Likewise, companies that have already rolled out cloud computing are moving within the cloud spectrum. For that reason, it makes sense for companies to take time on a regular basis to review how they are progressing on their own cloud journey. To do so, companies need to have the ability to better evaluate their own organization. A cloud assessment, which includes organizational components in addition to technical factors, can be the key to obtaining a more complete picture.

Q_PERIOR will be happy to support you here. With the Q_PERIOR Cloud Maturity Assessment, you can determine where you are on the cloud journey. The assessment makes it possible to comprehensively analyze where you are starting, which then makes it possible to define potential for improvement in cloud deployment. The assessment for determining your cloud maturity can be carried out on your own or in conjunction with one of our cloud experts.

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Q_PERIOR Cloud Maturity Assessment

Based on the five dimensions of strategy, governance, organization & processes, architecture, and sourcing, you can determine your company’s degree of cloud maturity. Take a few minutes and start our test. Please note that the test is currently only available in German.

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