The market, customers, demands, the speed of decision-making and the possibilities for communication and interaction are undergoing radical changes. Today’s customers communicate via various mobile channels, making their location immaterial, and they have access to relevant information based on their situation. They frequently research prices and services on comparative portals and they expect a high degree of individuality and excellent quality of experience. Companies often talk of “hybrid customers” in this connection who are characterized by changing patterns of demand tailored to each individual case and who are no longer one-sidedly focused on performance, price or service.
This change towards hybrid groups of customers gives companies – first and foremost insurance companies – new opportunities for increasing their sales. The prerequisite, however, is that insurance companies impress their customers with their fast, flexible performance not only by addressing them at the right place and the right time, but also by selecting the right means of communication and the perfect product.

Changes require optimized customer interfaces

To be in a position to do so in the first place, every customer touchpoint for a company must be connected in real time, and all the necessary data must be available. The usual functions of sales, marketing and service must be expanded to include information from social media, customer service, the internet and mobile services. This is the guarantee for implementing event-based customer communication. Only an automatic, fast response to the customer’s behavior can also deliver customer value added.
Modern technologies provide support in finding the right timing for approaching customers and conducting customer communication in real time. Predictive analytics solutions, for example, allow companies to derive situation-based forecasts of the customer’s current needs, tailor their products or services to his individual requirements and precisely control the right deployment of sales and marketing resources.

What advantages does customer centricity offer companies?

  • increased efficiency of sales function in conjunction with mobile solutions and 360 degree perspective on customers
  • concentration on the customer’s needs including recording customer interactions
  • more satisfied customers through optimization of requirements analysis
  • dynamic real-time profile of customer
  • provision of new functions for interacting and communicating with customers
  • focus on the right customers with customer performance analyses
  • selling more through digital channels
  • improving multi-channel capabilities with agile architecture and simple integration with existing IT and corresponding cost reductions
  • competitive lead thanks to high agility and trail-blazing technology

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