Digital Client Consultancy: Software Selection wiht the Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant

Digital Client Consultancy: Software Selection wiht the Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant

In future, insurers’ distribution models will have to offer their clients a made-to-measure customer journey, in other words, various different contact points at various different times and slick processes. However, the importance guaranteed high-quality needs-oriented consultancy remains. To support their distribution organizations, insurers must seek to build new skills and equip their own distribution organization with suitable consultancy systems. An investment decision like this cannot of course be made solely on the basis of gut feelings or any other subjective estimations. Q_PERIOR can provide insurers with reliable support when it comes to making an informed software selection for consultancy systems.

The status quo and its challenges

Many insurance companies use different consultancy tools in isolation for individual products and branches. The lack of flexibility in existing consultancy systems further complicates omni-channel consultancy. Different distribution channels cannot be handled as a collective and frequent media discontinuities make excessive data entry necessary. The market offers a range of standard solutions that eliminate these pitfalls in themselves. The challenge for companies: Identifying the right consultancy system for their in-house distribution organization that covers all steps of consultancy across all channels. The new system must also meet the specialist, technical and on-functional requirements of the insurance company. In view of this it is important that this type of selection process be carried using an efficient, targeted and far-sighted approach.

The selection process

Selecting a consultancy system that meets these requirements requires the compilation of a complete requirements catalog and measurable assessment criteria and a determination of the degree of coverage of the consultancy systems investigated.

Sounding out systems and the supplier market

  • Given the relatively homogeneous supplier market, there is a need to sound out the various systems. Rapid and steady changes on the market have however made the process of generating a current market overview more difficult.
  • How Q_PERIOR can help you in the process of sounding out the market and systems available:
    Q_PERIOR monitors the software supplier market on an ongoing basis and keeps an overview of trends and changes at all times. A wealth of experience supporting clients in the insurance sector in selection projects has enabled us to develop extensive market expertise and offer you a comprehensive overview of consultancy system providers as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their solutions.

Describing requirements

  • Descriptions of requirements are compiled in a targeted requirements catalog. These clearly set out the specialist, technical and non-functional requirements of the insurer.
  • How Q_PERIOR can help you set out requirements with templates:
    The requirements for your new consultancy system can be outlined precisely and unambiguously using the Q_PERIOR function catalog as a reference model. This offers performance and excitement factors as reference points for new system requirements. An extensive reference requirements catalog contains more than 300 specialist, technical and non-functional requirements for adjusting individual requirements. Using our specialist expertise in the insurance sector we assist insurance companies in analyzing and clearly and comprehensively formulating and documenting their requirements.

Carrying out an evaluation

  • The complex nature of omni-channel consultancy processes means that there are a variety of requirements to be taken into consideration. These requirements can and should be weighted and prioritized. Using the right methods then makes it possible to conduct a transparent evaluation and to identify to what degree the requirements stipulated can be met.
  • How Q_PERIOR can help you conduct a weighted and operationalized evaluation:
    Q_PERIOR offers insurance customers tried and tested templates which can be used to quickly structure requirements into thematic blocks. These templates enable weighting by thematic blocks as well as individual requirements for use in a subsequent mathematical evaluation. If there is still a need to assess certain requirements as absolutely indispensable, these can be labeled “must-haves”. Finally, an analysis of the results shows the number of fulfilled or non-fulfilled “must-have” requirements.

This process enables a transparent and reliable selection decision to be reached.

Procedural model

To ensure that insurance companies select the right system for them, Q_PERIOR has developed a structured six-stage procedural model:

Q_PERIOR Process Model for Software Evaluation

The Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant© – the quick and targeted solution for making a reliable software choice

In addition to the tried and tested approach we also offer our clients the Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant©. Using an automated process this tool makes it easier for insurance companies to select a consultancy system that fits in with its requirements. The insurance company’ requirements are consolidated and entered in the Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant©. Then each selected software provider is given an editable copy of these requirements in a questions catalog. In this questions catalog the answer categories were set out on a per requirement basis. The provider can also submit its answers with comments and, where necessary, explain these with additional documents. The providers’ answers are then adopted in the Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant© and added to and edited by ratings made by the insurance company. Then, finally, the selected providers, topics and analyses of these are shown in the tool’s dashboard. This allows the client to identify which providers meet the requirements and to what extent.

The insurance company therefore benefits specifically from:

  • a stringent approach throughout the entire selection process

  • a consolidation of existing requirements for the future consultancy system on an abstraction level which is immediately comprehensible for potential providers
  • structuring of individual requirements into appropriate thematic areas
  • the pre-defined weightings, both on a thematic level and an individual requirement level
  • the optional entry of “must-have” requirements
  • the option of assessing providers with regard to the fulfillment of a requirement based on own criteria
  • provider evaluation based on a pre-defined and comprehensible criteria
  • processing the analysis results in a management-suitable dashboard
  • pre-prepared decision-making basis for inviting suitable providers.

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