Meet customer expectations with digital and standardized consulting processes

Meet customer expectations with digital and standardized consulting processes

There are a number of internal and external challenges obliging insurers to transform their consulting processes. A significant role is played here by shifts in customer requirements, regulatory guidelines, and digital offers from InsurTechs.

New digital consulting applications are opening up diverse opportunities for insurers to meet customer wishes for custom product solutions, for simple and digital interaction, and for tailored information. Insurance companies need a sustainable strategy for implementing standardized and digital consulting processes that will seamlessly cover all sales channels and integrate into customer journeys as well as the backend.

Ensuring regulatory conformity

Regulation of the insurance industry is constantly growing via both EU and national legislation. Additionally, there is constant evaluation and adjustment of existing regulations. Since legislative guidelines are changing constantly, having a sales structure that is prepared for the future requires more than just one-time implementation. Accordingly, regulatory requirements have become a significant driver behind the broad digitalization and standardization seen in consulting processes.

Selecting software for consulting applications

In order to meet customer expectations, the sales models insurers use need to offer customers the right kind of customer journey. That means points of contact need to be relevant and seamlessly available at all times. The sales organization needs to be equipped with a corresponding consulting application to that end. The kind of software that is going to be deployed is an investment decision which merits careful consideration. As a neutral consultant, Q_PERIOR supports insurers in selecting a future-ready sales solution and makes Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant© available, a durable tool tailored to the specific requirements of the insurer and their sales partners.

Integrating consulting processes into the customer journey

Mapping consulting processes digitally is key for structuring a sales organization to be centered around customers. Many insurers have begun to move into the digital business segment – however, the level of success seen here is often limited and prone to integration gaps. The right methods are out there. It just becomes a matter of implementing them with consistency. Our Q_PERIOR Insurance Model supports insurers in the implementation of digitalization projects that will be ready for the future.

Omni-channel consulting: Uniform customer experience and interlinked sales channels

Customers want to see seamless interlinking of consulting channels across all touch points. The kind of sales channel communication currently seen out on the market is often antiquated, which makes it difficult for insurers to provide for consistency in the customer experience. It is essential to have the right omni channel solution in order to map transitions between interaction channels. Our Q_PERIOR Omni Channel Strategy Framework aids insurers in selecting and implementing the right solutions.

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