Are you receiving IT support for the ever more complex process of handling directives? A modern directive management solution can save you time, effort and above all, costs! With Directive Management 2.0, Q_PERIOR has developed a solution on the basis of SharePoint that you can use for many different applications.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Searching for and finding information: every employee can obtain information on and view valid directive documents.
  • Administration: defining the working domains and workflows for fulfilling group-wide directive management.
  • Reporting: presentation of existing directives and associated amendments.
  • Archiving: files can be archived in accordance with legal requirements, thereby guaranteeing complete revision control.

We will optimize your directive management from an IT perspective and in the process, ensure that you will derive simple, and above all long-term use from it in your company. Our clients are convinced of the solution’s effectiveness.

“Together with Q_PERIOR, we have made considerable progress within a few months.”

Rainer Pollack, Head of the Department for Central Services at the Max Planck Society

You can read more on this in the Success Story: Guideline management.

Microsoft’s SharePoint as the basis

As SharePoint forms the basis of our solution, all you need is a standard SharePoint license. Additional third party products are not required. An intelligent directive search process forms the main feature behind Directive Management 2.0. The reach and distribution of the regulations within your company will also be enhanced by making them centrally available on a SharePoint portal. Our solution allows every employee in your company to see the directives appropriate to their position and to be automatically informed of any changes to them. Building on this foundation, Directive Management 2.0 offers functions which exceed the standard version of SharePoint: process templates, object models and extended search options.

The right solution for your company

One strength of the directive management solution lies in its modular structure. For example, business processes can be modified by changing their configuration. If you need to expand systems, this can be done without any great additional effort on the basis of already existing internal interfaces. With Directive Management 2.0, we are very deliberately banking on a “project accelerator” which reflects the individual requirements of your company – also with respect to your corporate design.

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With Q_PERIOR, you have a strong partner at your side. We look forward to your challenge!