IT Resilience Assessment:
Reflecting IT Decisions made during the Corona Crisis

IT Resilience Assessment:
Reflecting IT Decisions made during the Corona Crisis

Evaluation of IT Decisions after the Crisis

During the first phase of the Corona crisis, IT managers had to implement far-reaching measures under high pressure to maintain business continuity. For example, server and network capacities were expanded, client computers rolled out, access to virtualization environments was extended, new IT tools were added and processes changed “on-the-fly”, and IT decision-making paths were shortened.

In the second phase, it is now necessary to validate the new initial situation as a result of the measures taken and to identify any resulting shortcomings in order to stabilize the new situation in IT. Furthermore, it must be evaluated where concrete potentials have arisen and how these can be integrated into an adapted Target Operating Model.

With our IT Resilience Assessment, we reflect together with you on the measures of the second phase and prepare the transition to the third phase in the IT fields of action relevant to you. In doing so, we derive which IT decisions should be sustainably transferred to the third crisis phase and adopted as part of the “New Normal.

Issues that the Crisis has brought into Focus

Is my supply network intact? How did the network perform? What capacities do I need in the future?

How has the financial situation of IT changed?

Does IT still meet all security and compliance requirements after the crisis is over?

How do I get a clear picture of where my greatest post-crisis potential lies?

How do I run the IT department after the first crisis phase?

How well can the IT staff deal with the current situation?

What measures must I take for a possible second pandemic wave?

Has the crisis created a breeding ground for new IT or business risks?

How can I, as the person for it, protect myself from the wrong decisions?

How can I optimize my Target Operating Model to be better prepared for future crisis events?

Our Solution supports You sustainably in three Phases

Different actions are needed depending on the phase of the crisis.

IT Resilience in 3 Phases

Our Approach enables a quick and substantial Result

Together with you, we analyze your Phase II in the areas of IT activity and identify both weaknesses and potential.

Advantages of our Product for Your Company

IT Resilience Assessment:
Preparing the IT Organization for Relaunch

We analyze key IT decisions that were specifically made in the first phase of the crisis. You will receive an evaluation of which changes should be transferred to the “New Normal”.

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IT Resilience

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