Liquidity Management with the SAP Liquidity Health Check

Liquidity Management with the SAP Liquidity Health Check

Securing Liquidity: The Optimal Use of SAP Financial Functionalities

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, companies have been facing immense challenges. One of the biggest is the management of financial liquitdity, which ensures the continued existence of the company and its business processes.

At the same time, stakeholders require a more detailed and short-term need for information regarding the liquidity and creditworthiness of a company. In order to meet these demands, the focus is shifting to liquidity monitoring and planning.

With the Liquidity Health Check we determine how you can improve your liquidity management.

Issues that the Crisis has brought into Focus

How does the behavior of the financial markets affect my company?

How do credit limits and bank conditions change?

How do government programs affect my liquidity?

How does the payment behavior of my customers change?

How can I secure our liquidity?

How secure are the claims?

A quick Procedure enables a quick Result

Our Liquidity Health Check includes a scalable assessment with workshops and an analysis of your system.

What are the Advantages of our Liquitidy Health Check?

Liquidity Management with the SAP Liquidity Health Check

Together with you, we analyse your SAP financial functionalities in order to optimize your liquidity management and define measures that can be implemented at short notice.

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