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63rd Canadian Insurance Conference

26. March 2019 | Events

Q_PERIOR is a Gold sponsor of this year’s Conference. Our insurance experts perform an IFRS 17 assessment for the first 3 customers. More information about the offer and the conference.

SAS Global Forum 2019

22. February 2019 | Events

Our US Q_PERIOR experts attend this year’s SAS Global Forum 2019. Meet our experts on-site and discuss with us challenges and opportunities in the field of analytics.

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Successful structuring of regulatory audits as a bank? With Backing your external audit!

15. January 2019 | News

For banks, these kinds of audits are associated with enormous expenditures. Audit execution can be rendered efficient and resource-conserving by having a structured approach and determining the corresponding measures.

What will remain of Blockchain after Bitcoin & Co.? – An Estimation

20. December 2018 | News

The hype over cryptocurrencies is over. Now blockchain is going to have to prove its ability to contribute to value addition at companies beyond Bitcoin & Co. So where are…

Direct customer access via healthcare app

18. December 2018 | Success Stories

To create a modern digital customer interface, Q_PERIOR is working with Gothaer Health Insurance on a project to build and launch a healthcare app. Joseph Meiser of Gothaer discusses in…

Lünendonk study: IT strategies and cloud sourcing in the scope of digital transformation

3. December 2018 | News

Cloud computing can offer huge advantages for companies – the prerequisite: Processes, organization, and internal conditions need to ready for the cloud. The Q_PERIOR Cloud Maturity Assessment will assist you…

Competence networks: Agile network structure as an innovation driver

3. December 2018 | Success Stories

Audi AG has created competence networks for establishing and enhancing knowledge and competences with respect to future technologies. Q_PERIOR supported the company in setting up a secondary agile organizational structure.

Enhanced tool kit for Enterprise IT

6. November 2018 | News

Digital transformation has led to Enterprise IT software architects having a significantly enhanced tool kit at their disposal.

On-demand car functions: Will cars become all-in-one devices?

31. October 2018 | Topics

Digital transformation is changing the automotive ecosystem. On-demand car functions are fueling the automobile’s development toward an all-in-one device. For the automotive industry, new sales opportunities and business models are…

Digital insurance assistant: How the cloud is becoming a driver of innovation

30. October 2018 | News

The digital insurance assistant developed by Q_PERIOR facilitates uncomplicated and highly-automated logging of damage reports. It uses components such as chatbot, machine learning, and blockchain.

Business technology – Organizational framework for successful innovation

24. October 2018 | Topics

Focus topic: Business & IT Business and IT are increasingly merging, which is why classic IT departments will no longer exist in the future. Having a clearly-formulated and central IT…

Creating an overall picture from the puzzle of customer data: SAP Customer Data Cloud

10. October 2018 | News

With Gigya, SAP is expanding its portfolio to include customer management functions. The cloud-based application “SAP Customer Data Cloud” helps companies to develop and implement strategies with respect to customer…

Supervisory Requirements for IT in Insurance Undertakings (VAIT)

28. September 2018 | Topics

Key topic: Regulatory affairs The VAIT provide a framework for proper deployment of IT at insurance undertakings. Learn more about the domains of IT strategy, IT governance, information risk management,…

Q_PERIOR strengthening the Automotive Team and investing in its Stuttgart office

25. September 2018 | Press releases

The business and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR is enhancing its presence in Stuttgart and enlarging its Automotive division.

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Consumer-driven contracts – Interface tests for microservices

7. September 2018 | News

There are many services with various interfaces in a microservice architecture. Testing these interfaces basically amounts to a Sisyphean task. CDC tests can provide help here.

Creation of smart buildings in the housing industry – Digitalization as an enabler

22. August 2018 | Topics

The creation of smart buildings provides advantages for the energy and property sectors, and also opens up space for new products and value-adding services.

Q_Regulatory Analytics with SAS – Effective and swift analysis for regulatory reports

20. August 2018 | Topics

The hierarchical structure of regulatory reports makes subsequent evaluation difficult. With “Q_Regulatory Analytics with SAS”, financial institutes are able to prepare, analyze, and use their reporting data efficiently.

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The IT department – chumps, or business drivers?

16. August 2018 | News

An in-house IT department always has a big impact on business success. In order to fully tap into the potential of digitalization, the role of IT departments in companies must…


9. August 2018 | Success Stories

SBB is now integrating its shop partners into business processes by making sales and frequency analysis data available to merchants, including forecasts and KPIs.


8. August 2018 | Topics

The analysis of personal data provides analysis into customer needs – yet compliance with data protection must not be neglected.