14th CPO Roundtable: Digitalization for Purchase Managers

3. April 2017

Procurement 4.0 and the challenges of the digital world for purchasing – these topics were the basis for another experience exchange at the 14th CPO Roundtable. Over 30 purchasing managers from leading Swiss companies met on March 28, 2017 in Zurich for the specialist event organized by Q_PERIOR.

The welcome by Patrick Sarbach (Q_PERIOR) was followed by a specialist presentation from one of the participants: In his presentation, Axel Butterweck (Head of Corporate Procurement, Die Schweizerische Post) explained his organization’s departure towards Procurement 4.0. Using concrete practical examples Mr. Butterweck identified the imperative focus areas and tasks that need to be observed.

Implementation examples from procurement

In the second contribution of the evening, Hubert Strohmeier (Head of Supply Chain Management, Q_PERIOR) explained what organizational, procedural and IT technical key points a CPO must keep an eye on in the course of digitalization. By means of various examples he identified the drivers and approaches of digitalization and emphasized the concrete effects on procurement.


The following Apéro offered participants the opportunity to exchange information about the topics and other current issues among professional colleagues.

About the Q_PERIOR Roundtable

Since the launch of the Roundtable for procurement experts in 2010, the number of participants in the event held once or twice a year, has steadily increased. Q_PERIOR procurement expert Patrick Sarbach sees this as confirmation for the consistent quality of the event, which is clearly based on topical specialist contents. Should you be interested in the Roundtable, please contact Patrick Sarbach (Associate Partner Q_PERIOR).

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