6. Job Info Day: Adolescents from the Children’s Village gather information from the Bavarian State Forestry Department

27. May 2016

The Job Info Day for adolescents from the Caritas Children’s Village of Irschenberg has been held for the sixth time. As a long-standing social partner, Q_PERIOR organizes the event. This year, the Bavarian State Foresters gave the participants an overview of the apprenticeships on offer.

The Bavarian State Forests are one of the largest forestry operations in Germany with 41 forestry management units and 370 territories. In their forestry education center in Ruhpolding, Dr. Sebastian Paar, Manager of the unit, and his colleagues gave the 14 to 17 year-old adolescents an overview of the various career opportunities such as forester, forestry master, forest ranger, service office manager, forestry operations manager and hunting-ground supervisor. In conversation with the current forestry apprentices, the adolescents were given glimpses of the teaching and received specific, personal answers to their questions.

Participants received practical insights into the areas of activity during a visit to the Bavarian Forest. Employees of the State Forestry Department showed the adolescents the technique for felling a tree, explained the subject of occupational safety, especially in handling an electric saw, as well as how the existing woods are protected and demonstrated the difficult work associated with processing wood in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria.

In these times of climate change and a lack of skilled workers, the Bavarian State Forestry Department is looking for new recruits. The Job Info Day was therefore a good opportunity to highlight this interesting and future-proof occupational field to the adolescents. And the children from Irschenberg were able to familiarize themselves with a range of apprenticeships with good future prospects.

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