Agile transformation at the 2016 PM Forum

7. November 2016

The latest developments, trends and ideas in project management: Potential customers and experts met at the end of October to exchange know-how and experience across all sectors of industry at the international PM Forum in Nuremberg. At the event organized by GPM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V. – German Association for Project Management), it was clearly evident that the subject of agility is becoming increasingly significant for companies and consultancies.

The joint presentation by OSRAM and Q_PERIOR on the subject of “Agile Transformation as a First Step to Bimodal IT” was therefore received with great interest by participants.

Ralf Schöne, Head of PMO, OSRAM IT, started by explaining the effect that digital transformation is having on a major company such as OSRAM. The pressure to reorganize the IT has grown enormously in the past few years. This is due to the fact that besides the proven core IT systems, there is now a need to develop an IT architecture which offers the company the required degree of flexibility, agility and speed, securing its competitiveness in the process. In order to respond adequately to the business requirements which are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, OSRAM’s IT Department resolved to face up to the challenge and organize its IT bimodally – with both classical and agile elements.

Bimodal – combining agile and classical capabilities to achieve digital transformation

Together with Q_PERIOR consultants, OSRAM set the stage for the digital conversion of its IT with an agile transformation. As Ralf Schöne reported from practical experience, the core ERP architecture remains an important component of classical IT, although in innovative cloud-based solutions. These core IT systems are still subject to longer release cycles (quarterly or annual), and will be developed further along classical lines due to their high degree of integration. An agile system was set up in parallel within the organization to enable the company in future to more rapidly develop applications, lightweight, web-based collaboration platforms, and mobile solutions.

As the changes implemented entail ramifications beyond the point where the IT ends, the project management experts from Q_PERIOR supported the company across the board: The necessary framework conditions for a successful agile transformation were also created in terms of methodologies and organization, as well as from the perspective of the expertise and capabilities required.

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