Agile Transformation – the path to a new form of organization

22. January 2016

The question of whether IT projects should now be implemented along agile lines, met with a resounding “Yes” from most of those attending Q_PERIOR’s 5th Project Management Roundtable. The factors critical to the successful and sustainable introduction of agile procedures were all the more intensively discussed in the course of the event among around 20 representatives of the financial sector and industry. The new offices of Q_PERIOR AG at Leopoldstrasse 28 offered the perfect setting for the mutual exchange of experiences.

The client presentations on the subjects of “Agile team organization – the use of agile elements for line assignments”, “Coach me if you can – the bridge between project team, IT organization and business” and “A scalable, agile approach to transformation – practical experience” proved to be the highlight of the event. The intensive discussions that followed the presentations revealed that all clients are facing similar problems and initial difficulties in integrating agile elements into their line organizations. Nobody wants to turn the clock back, however – due to the major benefits of agility – and Q_PERIOR’s approach to supporting clients from all sectors methodologically, structurally and culturally on the path to their goals, was met with considerable interest.

Both the format and the subject sparked so much interest among the participants that they explicitly requested Q_PERIOR to host its Project Management Roundtable more frequently in the future.

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