Automotive meets IT security: Q_PERIOR at the 2017 Security Forum

21. August 2017

Exciting issues concerning security in the digital age were raised at the 2017 UK-German Cyber Security Forum. “How much personal data should we reveal about ourselves? How can we secure corporate and social infrastructures?” Q_PERIOR joined in the debate surrounding these key issues.

Once Paul Heardman, the Consul General, had said some words of welcome and outlined the agenda, Mark David, who is responsible for cyber security for the Department for International Trade, presented the National 2021 Cyber Security Strategy. The key aspect of the 2021 vision is the UK’s proactive management of cyber threats and secure working in the digital world.

This was followed by specialist presentations held by a number of British security firms from the United Kingdom. Trends such as open connectivity, open architecture and the reuse of software were presented – starting with exciting lectures on the topic of industrial IT security in relation to digitalization and Industry 4.0 which were given by Dr. Rolf Reinema of Siemens. The presentation held by Peter Wimmer, of Man Diesel & Turbo, on cyber security in engine management also discussed security in relation to the autonomy of cargo ships, which is currently playing a major role in the automotive sector. Arvid Rosinski of Audi rounded off the first German industry session with an inspiring and, at the same time, skeptical contribution concerning the area of conflict known as “Safety and Security in times of Artificial Intelligence”, in which he questioned many current security issues.

The afternoon saw several British companies and start-ups discuss automotive issues such as cloud security or car security. The range of in-vehicle security topics especially is fraught with major challenges. After all, any system programmed by a human can be hacked. Our security is extremely important in this respect – regardless of whether we’re driving cars or our vehicles communicate with our smart homes.

Data protection and data security are thus the fundamental challenges in the automotive sector, which Q_PERIOR is currently addressing together with a number of its customers. We are using our expertise to resolve our customers’ key issues. After all, security vulnerabilities allow attackers to access or manipulate vehicles and their networked systems over Internet connections. We address this issue from the problem to the finished solution – in the form of a secure target architecture with an authentication concept, for example. We can increasingly perfectly integrate both the users and their security requirements due to the approaches of modern cloud solutions and big data topics. In this regard, it is important to collaborate with other disciplines – such as data protection or auditing and risk – if we are to better work on future solutions to automotive companies’ security concerns.

You will find more information about automotive services on our industry page.

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