Best Consultants 2017 – Brand Eins business & finance magazine honors Q_PERIOR

28. April 2017

The Brand Eins industry report for the consulting sector has just been published. As well as the editorial focus on the topic of “Personnel”, it also includes the latest rating for “Best Consultants 2017” by Statista. High scores in ten categories rank business and IT consultants Q_PERIOR among the leading consultancy firms in German-speaking countries.

The rating is based on a Statista survey of 1,795 partners and principals of consultancies and about 1,500 business executives. Q_PERIOR has been rated as one of the Best Consultants 2017 in these sectors:

  • Automotive & supply
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Transportation, traffic & logistics
  • Chemical & pharma
  • Sales, after-sales & CRM
  • IT implementation
  • IT strategy
  • Digitization
  • Procurement & supply chain management

With that, Q_PERIOR has surpassed its excellent results of the past years. “Clients and industry insiders recognize the high quality of our services and our strong growth”, says Karsten Höppner, CEO of Q_PERIOR. “That has made us one of the top addresses in the consulting market for sectors such as insurance or sales & CRM.”

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