IAA 2017: The Q_PERIOR automotive team keeping pace with the times

4. October 2017

The automotive enthusiast Q_PERIs are taking this year’s trends from the IAA with them to Munich and are looking forward to supporting their customers in shaping their future with regard to total mobility.

Future mobility services and tomorrow’s entirely new concepts

What will mobility look like in the future? Parking and remote garage pilots are just some of the assistance systems that are already able to help the driver in cutting-edge cars. Autonomous driving is well on its way to Level 5—driverless driving. The autopilot will soon be able to perform the job of today’s car drivers and bus drivers safely and reliably, making the steering wheel and the pedals obsolete. Passengers will be able to use the car as a mobile workplace and a second living space. Many concept cars at the IAA are already showing signs of these developments.

This development comes with many new questions: Will people in the future be able to use time spent in their car more effectively if they no longer need to sit at the wheel? How will liability be determined if autonomously driven vehicles are involved in accidents? What happens if a robot or autonomously driven vehicle decides to perform a potentially lethal driving maneuver? Beyond these questions, the German OEMs have achieved numerous successes. For example, Audi’s initial tests for the new Level 3 traffic jam pilot on the freeway have had very positive results.

Successful presentations and future orientation from the German OEMs

Players such as Fiat, Peugeot, and Volvo were this year represented at the IAA among many European and Asiatic top manufacturers with their automotive and future-oriented innovations. The sector is spreading optimism. There was little sign of the past diesel scandal at the IAA. The German automotive manufacturers presented exciting new vehicles and concepts for (electro-)mobility and the development of driver assistance systems extending all the way to autonomous driving.

Developments in the mobility market

Alongside the automotive visions for the future, some of the vehicles presented at the IAA were already on the market and clearly displayed how far digitization has come. In ten to twenty years, today’s mega-cities will be even bigger, more complex, and more digital. Electric vehicles will of course play a larger role in 2020 than today, but even more exciting is the networking of vehicles and people outside of urban conurbations. Vital factors in mid-term and long-term success on the automotive market are securing and maintaining the confidentiality of personal data, ensuring progressive total mobility and applying suitable transformation processes. The basic requirement for this must, however, be a change in strategy. After all, pressure on the German OEMs is increasing many times over, as Asiatic e-mobility manufacturers are supplying many innovative products and services. Furthermore, countries such as Singapore and the Netherlands are pushing forward policies through regulatory specifications for this development.

In automotive applications, Q_PERIOR has extensive expertise resulting from numerous projects involving digital transformation and new mobility concepts. Key topics for business and IT consulting are connected car, car security, service on demand, telematic insurance and IoT. The Q_PERIOR consultants are looking forward to bringing their inspiration from the IAA to projects for OEMs

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