kununu confirms: The application process at Q_PERIOR is top class!

20. March 2017

The employer rating platform kununu, in collaboration with the Staufenbiel Institute, analyzed over 23,000 application assessments and selected the top 100 employers with the best application processes in Germany. Q_PERIOR made it on to the top 100 list as one of the few consultancies. In the following, Gregor Bleis, Talent Acquisition Partner at Q_PERIOR describes the focus of the application process at the business and IT consultancy.

How must the application process be designed so that it works for both employers and applicants?

Gregor Bleis: That strongly depends on the industry but also on the company. We rely on quick response times, transparency and commitment when dealing with applicants. In practice, this means that in case of a positive outcome we should be able to make a decision within four weeks after receiving the application. Generally, in the first week, the application documents are checked, in the second week a phone interview takes place and by the latest, in the fourth week, we will meet the applicant in a personal interview. We inform applicants about this procedure, so they know from the outset what they can expect from us. As numerous positive show, our applicants appreciate this.

What happens in an interview at Q_PERIOR? Are prospective candidates reviewed in an assessment center?

Gregor Bleis: In the personal interview, we are primarily concerned about finding out what is important to the applicant, what matters to him, what he wants to achieve on a professional level and what his vision is. At the same time, we show what opportunities we as a company and career environment can offer the person. Ultimately, we are also applying to the applicant. Personal, respectful dealing is more important to us than putting candidates in a stress situation and testing them. Especially as one learns more about the expertise and competencies of a candidate when discussing problematic issues from practice – together and as equals.

Q_PERIOR is one of the top 100 employers with the best application processes.

Is the application process at Q_PERIOR always the same or is there also leeway for individual adjustments?

Gregor Bleis: In most cases, the application process is similar. After the telephone interview with the specialist business area, a personal interview with the specialist business area and HR follows. We consciously avoid expanding the process unnecessarily with a second or third interview round. The exception: for “higher” positions, there is usually also a second personal interview. And if applicants would like more information about the working environment or about their future colleagues, we will happily offer a follow-up informal interview with our consultants.

Apart from professional qualification – What characterizes the perfect applicant for Q_PERIOR?

Gregor Bleis: Without a doubt: The applicant must live our corporate values on a personal level, with enthusiasm and with a view of the future.

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