Lünendonk study: IT strategies and cloud sourcing in the scope of digital transformation

3. December 2018

The independent consultancy and market research company Lünendonk took a close look again this year at the marketing segment of consulting in IT sourcing. The conclusion is clear: More and more focus is being placed on cloud computing. The business and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR participated in the market analysis again, which encompassed the structures, planning, and assessments of 104 IT managers at large companies and 27 consultancies.

According to the current Lünendonk study, cloud infrastructure services already account for 42 percent of all external services. Cloud computing is already being deployed today at leading companies of all sizes and sectors in order to

  • minimize costs,
  • increase business agility,
  • improve scalability,
  • and secure flexibility.

Yet euphoria is often followed by swift disillusionment: the level of agility desired won’t be met in practice if there are complex processes in place, and scalability cannot be achieved if there is poor forecasting. So, where should companies start when they want to get their processes, organization, and internal conditions ready for the cloud?

To answer that question, Q_PERIOR developed the Cloud Maturity Assessment. The Assessment enables you to perform a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, to identify potential for improvement, and to setup corresponding measures in a targeted manner.

The Q_PERIOR Cloud Maturity Assessment is based on the five dimensions of Strategy, Governance , Organization & Processes, Architecture, and Sourcing, and was specially developed for companies in banking and insurance.

We look forward to assisting you in improving your cloud deployment. In the event of questions or interest our service, our Strategic IT Management experts are happy to be at your service!

“Companies often underestimate the organizational changes necessary for successful deployment of cloud computing. With the Cloud Maturity Assessment, we are able to render those requirements transparent and define, prioritize, and ultimately deploy targeted measures at a company.”

Sebastian Scheube, Topic Chapter Lead Strategic IT Management at Q_PERIOR

You’ll find further information on the study “IT Strategies and Cloud-Sourcing within the Scope of Digital Transformation. The Market for IT Sourcing Consulting in Germany” on the Lünendonk-Website.

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