Lünendonk Study: Sourcing advice focuses on digital models

11. November 2016

The independent market research company Lünendonk has again investigated the market segment of ICT sourcing consultancy this year. As part of a current study, the structures, planning and assessments of 102 IT managers in major companies were analyzed together with 27 ICT consultants. This year’s study produced a clear result. Digital transformation has resulted in a boom in the ICT sourcing business. Business and IT consultants Q_PERIOR once again took part in the market analysis.

As a result of trends in sourcing such as cloudification, the consultancy market for ICT sourcing is becoming increasingly technical. However, major uncertainty in the implementation of new technological trends is frequently to be observed. For example, this is revealed in the fact that not only IT departments but also other specialist departments are drawing on consultants when questions arise on the implementation of digital transformation.

Bimodal IT: Digital transformation requires realignment of IT

Digital transformation and associated trends such as DevOps or agile projects require new organizational models. With reference to the IT function, many companies are therefore looking into how to establish bimodal IT, i.e an IT system with two speeds. The adaptation of real net output ratios is a significant success factor in mapping this model. Q_PERIOR positions itself as a company that offers support for this change process, also in the context of the new IT4IT standard (a value chain-based reference architecture for managing IT): from the identification of the right real net output ratio for each model to the invitation to tender and transfer to the new service provider.

More on the services provided by Q_PERIOR in the area of sourcing.

You can find further information on the study entitled “The Market for ICT Sourcing Consultants in Germany” on the Lünendonk website.

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