Lünendonk study: The sourcing consultant becomes the digital transformation companion

19. December 2017

The independent market research company Lünendonk again examined the IT sourcing consulting market segment this year. The study analyzed the structures, planning and assessments of 95 IT managers of large companies as well as 29 consultancies. Decisive changes for the IT sourcing consulting: Digital transformation requires an effective combination of management and IT skills. The business and IT consulting firm Q_PERIOR has once again participated in the market analysis.

Digital transformation leads to an increasing fusion of business and IT skills, which has also been occuring in the field of sourcing consultancy. The focus is now not only on the selection of service providers, but also on the design of a sourcing strategy for digitalization projects. Cloud or cloud sourcing along with establishing a  cloud control organization play a continuously growing role in this context. Cloud IT resources offer significant operational efficiency advantages and the possibility of introducing digital business processes. In order to meet these trends in sourcing consultancy, there is an increasing need for management consulting expertise in addition to IT and procurement competence.

Target Operating Model: Cooperation between business and IT in the future

The transformation of an organization as a result of increasing digitization along with the resulting shift of IT and business services to the cloud demands the development of a comprehensive target operating model for IT (TOM). Components of this TOM include conditions for controlling cloud service providers in a cloud ecosystem and to define and implement new functions in the IT organization. Q_PERIOR offers an integrated consultancy portfolio that includes sourcing consulting with a strong focus on building target operating models. Q_PERIOR differentiates itself with its technical and industry expertise as a strong partner in the ever-changing IT sourcing consulting industry. Specifically, this area focuses on the definition and implementation of processes, governance and organizations and is complemented by consultancy services on issues such as data analytics, SAP HANA, IT security and data protection.


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