Q_PERIOR wins multiple awards as “Best Consultants 2016”

4. May 2016

Business and IT consultants Q_PERIOR are among the “Best Consultants 2016”. This is the conclusion reached by the current report on the industry by the business magazine, brand eins.

Brand eins, together with the market research institute Statista, has determined the best consultancies in Germany with the aid of an extensive survey of consulting experts and company managers. A mere 293 of the total of 15,000 management consultancies in Germany made it into the top ranking.

Placed ten times in the best lists subdivided by sector and field of activity, Q_PERIOR even managed to top its positive result from the previous year.

Q_PERIOR among the Best Consultants 2016 in the following sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Travel, Transport and Logistcs
  • Automotive and suppliers
  • Industrial automation and machinery
  • Public sector and infrastructure

Q_PERIOR among the Best Consultants 2016 in the following fields of activity:

  • Digitization
  • IT strategy
  • IT implementation
  • Sales, after sales and CRM
“We are delighted by this consistently positive feedback from clients and industry experts”, says Karsten Höppner, CEO of Q_PERIOR. Above all, our ranking in the new category of digitalization confirms to us that the digitalization projects realized with our clients have been positively received in the market.”

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