Social Intranet: Benchlearning Day 2016

8. March 2016

Networking, communication and modern models of cooperation – these are the fundamental concerns of a social intranet. Around 20 experts from different industry sectors met on 08.03.2016 at the invitation of Q_PERIOR and Cogneon in order to engage in a dialog on current trends and challenges in this area.

The highlights of the event were the client presentations, “Social Media in the Company – a Competitive Edge in the Age of Networks”, and “After 5 Years of Social Business Collaboration, a Classic Intranet again”, which gave participants an insight into what goes on behind closed doors.

Besides the morning presentations, the afternoon was wholly dedicated to dialog. Participants in the event were mostly faced with similar challenges. There was a particular focus on the subject of user adoption and the question: “How do I manage to make my employees use the existing offers and play an active role?”

The discussion gave rise to various perspectives on the subject. One approach was to clearly communicate all the advantages for individual departments and employees. Combined with an approach of giving advice on the best use of the various tools, companies hope that this will lead to a higher rate of adoption for the applications. Others, on the other hand, are relying on greater commitment from middle and top management in interacting with employees. This is intended to remove the first barrier for many employees and encourage them to participate.

In conclusion, the participants established that here too there is no ideal, one size fits all solution, and that – depending on the sector and target market – various strategies and tools can lead to success. Apart from the major suppliers of social intranet solutions that are already offering a large range of functions, there is still no replacement for companies making individual additions to their intranets to take in additional tools and products. The road ahead is leading very clearly to networked systems and networked ways of working.

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