VIP Business Event 2017: Fun in earnest

28. September 2017

Joie de vivre met fate at this year’s traditional event in the ICT calendar. SRF chat-show host Sascha Ruefer moderated the podium discussion with comedian Kaya Yanar and former pro skier Daniel Albrecht attended by Q_PERIOR clients.

Fun and seriousness – two opposites frequently not too far removed from one another– whether in the world of business, day-to-day life or sport. At the Q_PERIOR Business Talk, discussion did not focus exclusively on the sunny side of life. Our two celebrity guests embodied this perfectly: Kaya Yanar, who fought hard for his carrier as a comedian and Daniel Albrecht, who is starting again after a bad fall and subsequent coma. The event was supported this year again by the experienced chat-show host Sascha Ruefer (SRF) and Hasan Tekin, CEO and Partner of Q_PERIOR Switzerland.

Away from the stage: Yanar the person

Kaya Yanar surprised the audience with serious personal stories of his difficult path from immigrant child to the funny and confident man we now see on the stage. All the while he entertained the roughly 120 participants with his exuberance and witty dictum – including a number of Swiss anecdotes with which the guests, amongst them many Swiss executives, could well identify while laughing heartily together about their country-typical traits.

Optimism despite a blow of fate

The topic of serious prevailed too – even if only very briefly – during the video transmission of the tragic ski race of 2009 when Daniel Albrecht suffered a life-threatening fall. He himself however lifted the mood immediately with his joie de vivre and self-deprecating words. Even the entertainment expert Kaya Yanar himself remarked that Albrecht was the perfect entertainer!

Finish over an aperitif

Afterwards participants had the chance to personally follow-up with the podium guests or reflect on the evening in lively chats with the other participants and strike up interesting relations. The networking event, already regarded as tradition on the Swiss ICT market, is set to take place again next year.

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