Innovation and corporate culture: Q_PERIOR continues to grow

The business and IT consulting firm Q_PERIOR closes the financial year 2017 with a significant surplus: With a total turnover of 177 million euro the consulting firm grows strongly at 35 percent. Innovative customer projects, the merger with the P5group, the continuous expansion of the consulting divisions and services as well as the deeply rooted corporate culture are the driving forces for growth.

Q_PERIOR again recorded significant growth in the financial year 2017 compared with the previous year and thus continues to hold a top position within the German-speaking consulting market. Klaus Leitner, CFO of Q_PERIOR believes that the continued success and steady growth of Q_PERIOR is partly due to the continuous expansion of the core industries. “With the merger with P5group Holding, we were able to expand our consulting portfolio in the banking environment. We also achieved growth from existing and new customer business in the insurance, TTL (Travel, Transport and Logistics), energy and automotive sectors”.

Innovation and vision – internally and externally

Customer projects focus on new and future-oriented technologies: In 2017, we combined artificial intelligence with chatbot technology for an insurance company, implemented Robo Advisor at a major Swiss bank and supported a major railway company in significantly improving the disruption management of train doors using IoT technology,” says Karsten Höppner, CEO of Q_PERIOR AG. These trends and developments are also of great importance in the consulting industry itself. “These innovations and technologies are also important drivers for us as a consulting company, which significantly change the way we work and our consulting services,” says Karsten Höppner, CEO of Q_PERIOR AG. “Agility, strong partnerships and streamlined, scalable and digitalized processes are becoming increasingly important.”

Corporate culture and employee growth promote corporate success

By the end of 2017, Q_PERIOR employs more than 1,000 consultants and is planning to hire more than 150 new staff in 2018. The recruitment process concentrates on consultants specializing in new or future-oriented subjects. Karsten Höppner believes that the continued success of Q_PERIOR is down to the employees and the deeply rooted corporate culture. The values of the company – dynamic, proactive and personal – are an important factor not only regarding the recruitment process, but also in the daily interaction with customers and colleagues.

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