New Service Line: Q_PERIOR Sharpens Up the Profile of Travel, Transport & Logistics

MUNICH, January 14, 2016 – The business and IT consulting firm Q_PERIOR is pooling its expertise in the fields of travel, transport and logistics to create a new service line. Headed up by new arrival Astrid Blechschmidt, Q_PERIOR will be providing companies in this sector with wide-ranging consulting services, from strategic IT management to project management and on to technology and innovation.

In particular, Q_PERIOR has been developing solutions in connection with the sector’s hottest topic, Mobility 4.0, and it is these solutions that can facilitate greater usage and integration of IT in the core processes of companies involved in tourism, rail transportation and logistics, as well as better networking of various different carriers. In the future, integrated mobility offerings will have to provide customers with end-to-end solutions that fulfill their requirements regardless of the mode of transport.

The experts at the business and IT consulting firm can make use of the extensive experience that they have gained from numerous projects with major players in the sector such as Thomas Cook, Deutsche Bahn and the Swiss Federal Railways. “In terms of revenue, Travel, Transport & Logistics is already the second largest line of business at Q_PERIOR after Insurance,” explains Karsten Höppner, CEO at Q_PERIOR. “In the next few years, we will be further expanding this newly-created service line, making it another supporting pillar of our enterprise.”

To lead this new service line, the consulting firm has been able to bring on board Astrid Blechschmidt, an experienced expert in this line of business. She is a graduate in business administration with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Most recently she was the MD of T-Systems DMC in Switzerland. In her role as Associate Partner at Q_PERIOR, she is currently supporting travel, transport and logistics companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their digital transformation projects. At the same time, she is the driving force behind putting together the new team for this service line.

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