Q_PERIOR expands Energy consultancy division

MUNICH, March 29, 2017 – Regulatory requirements, new technologies and changed customer behavior result in high need of adjustment in the energy industry. To meet the increased demand for innovative solution approaches for the digital change, the business and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR plans to bundle and expand its expertise in this segment.

“Whether it’s the setting up of a smart metering infrastructure or the introduction of digital sales models – we have noticed there is immense pressure to act on our energy customers”, explains Karsten Höppner, CEO of Q_PERIOR AG. “This is why we have decided on the strategic expansion of our energy business area as a further core industry of Q_PERIOR.” Alwin Jobb, who has been implementing projects in the energy sector for over 10 years at Q_PERIOR, is now, together with industry expert Ralf Rentmeister, in charge of the energy business unit. Rentmeister joined the company at the beginning of 2017. For more than 18 years he has been a consultant to energy clients, specializing in the fields of deregulation, liberalization and digitalization.

Intelligent measuring systems are the drivers for digital transformation

Especially the industry’s top theme, the digitalization of the market based on intelligent measuring systems, offers companies a new basis for innovative business models. After all, intelligent measuring systems and new control mechanisms (e.g. CLS management) allow network operators to digitally exchange mass data with other market participants. “The provision and use of the information obtained holds great potential for network operators and sales departments for the marketing of additional services and products”, Alwin Jobb says in conclusion. “It is precisely in this area that we bring in experience from other sectors to create synergies.”

Energy Consultancy
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Energy Consultancy

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