Q_PERIOR strengthening the Automative Team and investing in its Stuttgart office

MUNICH, 25 September 2018 – The business and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR is enhancing its presence in Stuttgart and enlarging its Automotive division.

With this expansion to the Automotive Consulting division, the consultancy Q_PERIOR is underscoring its consistent growth strategy anew. “From an industry perspective, this investment in our Stuttgart site represents a logical follow-through,” says Oliver Wucher, Partner and Market Lead Automotive at Q_PERIOR. “The enormous changes within the scope of digitalization and the developments on the industry’s horizon are placing the automotive industry under considerable pressure to act. To be in a position to provide our customers with even stronger support, we have made the decision to significantly expand our consulting capacities at this important automotive hub. Additionally, Stuttgart also offers exciting opportunities and growth potential as a place for doing business in our other consulting fields, too.”

New personnel addition to bolster expansion strategy

With Dr. Stephan Blankenburg, Q_PERIOR has brought an experienced industry expert on board who will be supporting continued expansion to the Automotive division in his role as Associate Partner and Account Portfolio Manager. Blankenburg has been working in the automotive sector since 2011 and consults companies with a focus on change management and leadership, business development, and digitalization strategies.

The automotive industry won’t achieve the transformation it needs without a culture change

The development of cars to become part of the digital ecosystem is providing the automotive industry with a variety of new potential business models, yet also presents big challenges. The question in the room is, what direction do automakers want to head in for the future? Will they make the jump into digitalization and become full service providers instead of being mere equipment manufacturers? “The complex transformation in the automotive industry from vehicle-centered to service-centered, where the customer is the focal point, is a formidable task. It addresses both external and internal customers, i.e. employees, and manifests itself not only in technology, but also in corporate culture to a significant degree,” according to Blankenburg. “It is particularly in the combination of automotive expertise and cross-sectoral digitalization know-how that Q_PERIOR offers valuable assets to the automotive industry.”

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