Sales almost doubled: Q_PERIOR celebrates 5-year anniversary

MUNICH, July 5, 2016 – Business and IT consultants Q_PERIOR are living proof that mergers can also be success stories. Thanks to impressive growth in sales and employees, the company has now become one of Germany’s largest consulting houses.

Exactly five years ago, the three renowned consultancies, agens Consulting GmbH, ESPRiT Consulting AG and paricon AG, merged and have since operated under the name Q_PERIOR. With sales this year growing from around 63 million euros to a budgeted 114 million and 660 employees, the company now clearly occupies a leading position in the German-speaking consultancy market. Karsten Höppner, CEO of Q_PERIOR, attributes this success primarily to the deeply embedded corporate culture. “We have intentionally opted for value-driven positioning”, Höppner explains. “With our brand values, dynamic, proactive and personal, we have created a USP vis-à-vis our competitors with regard to staff and clients. Because we don’t just proclaim our values, we embody them – in our projects and our daily social dealings.”

Looking forwards: ambitious growth targets

Q_PERIOR have set ambitious targets for the coming years. They are budgeting to increase sales to around 185 million euros by 2020. As well as expanding the core sectors of insurance, banking, tourism, transport & logistics, industry and the public sector, the company expects its business in overarching consultancy fields such as project and implementation management to make a larger contribution to its success. By combining in-depth know-how of the particular sector with expert knowledge of the subject matter applicable to all areas, Q_PERIOR see themselves with a clear advantage over other management consultants with tightly defined consulting portfolios.

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