Survey: German travelers want mobility from one source

More than 50 percent of Germans would like to see an overarching mobility platform which covers their entire travel – from booking to processing. This was the result of a population-representative survey conducted by the business and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR. To meet this customer request, there is an even greater need for networking on the service provider side.

The personal travel behavior of Germans has changed as a result of new mobility offers such as carsharing or Uber. As the online survey by Q_PERIOR shows, this change is directly reflected in higher customer expectations and demands. In addition to the option of booking travel completely over one single platform, for example, four out of ten Germans would like to book travel directly via social media or Google. Also, alternative payment models such as mobility flat rates (59% agreement) or pay-per-use (49% agreement) are very popular. “As things stand today, mobility providers are able to meet these customer requests,” explains Astrid Blechschmidt, responsible for the Tourism, Transport and Logistics business area at Q_PERIOR. “The solutions available on the market mainly lack nationwide networking.” However, a better cooperation between the different transport associations is a basic prerequisite for creating the technical basis – a platform with interfaces to different systems – for an overarching customer journey.

Mobility data are hardly used

According to the survey, in addition to improved networking of the mobility providers, the use of mobility data also holds great potential. After all, 57% of German citizens are prepared to share, under certain conditions, information such as their mobility profile with companies. The main incentives include remuneration, time savings or customized offers. Especially transport companies benefit in using this data, in order to optimize their offerings. “If established mobility providers don’t use the available data more efficiently in the future, they run the risk of losing customers to their competitors who cater to their needs more flexibly”, Astrid Blechschmidt says in conclusion.

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