Setting tariffs and prices using the Q_PERIOR Pricing Solution

The way for companies to stand out in a dynamic market is swift delivery of customized offers for tailored services and products. As complexity grows, a solution is needed to stay on top of business figures in a flexible, efficient manner. The Q_PERIOR Pricing Solution empowers sales consultants to offer flexible customer solutions while facilitating their companies with transparency in pricing and conditions management. Back office processing runs efficiently and fully automated.

Growing challenges for your company

Q_PERIOR Pricing Solution

Q_PERIOR Pricing Solution
  • Manage your customers special conditions centrally for all products and services via a single system with one easy process.
  • Stay on top of all the terms your consultants are confirming to analyze which special conditions are paying off.
  • Manage pricing for all products and services via a single system with one easy process.
  • Create exciting new services and packages by combining individual products and services.
  • Immediately simulate the influence your modifications will have on prices and tariffs to understand their impact.
  • Use this module during the quoting process to provide customers with transparent, real-time information for all costs.
  • Evaluate and learn how you can optimize customer groups and increase profits.
  • Compare the structures among customer groups and consultants with respect to profit and special conditions.
  • The core to this pricing solution is the calculation and processing of all prices, tariffs, and conditions in a performant and reliable manner.
  • The solution can be run in real-time and batch mode.

How can a pricing solution be implemented in an efficient and successful manner?

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