Lünendonk study: IT strategies and cloud sourcing in the scope of digital transformation

Cloud computing can offer huge advantages for companies - the prerequisite: Processes, organization, and internal conditions need to ready for the cloud. The Q_PERIOR Cloud Maturity Assessment will assist you to that end.

2019-04-08T17:24:37+02:003. December 2018|

Business technology – Organizational framework for successful innovation

Focus topic: Business & IT

Business and IT are increasingly merging, which is why classic IT departments will no longer exist in the future. Having a clearly-formulated and central IT strategy is necessary for successful business technology.

2019-04-08T17:02:43+02:0024. October 2018|

Lünendonk study: The sourcing consultant becomes the digital transformation companion

The independent market research company Lünendonk again examined the IT sourcing consulting market segment this year. Decisive changes: Digital transformation requires an effective combination of management and IT skills.

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Q_PERIOR merges with P5group and expands its banking services portfolio – a new force emerges in the consulting market

Q_PERIOR merges with P5group expanding its banking services portfolio – a new force emerges in the consulting market. The combination of expertise will foster new business, predominantly in the financial services industry.

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