Clinic and patients benefit from mobile treatment

Clinic and patients benefit from mobile treatment

Clinics want to speed up treatment and at the same time give patients high-quality care. One renowned university clinic decided to support the treatment process of a chronic eye disease with the aid of an app developed by Q_PERIOR. Staffers can work directly on their tablets, thus reducing the time needed for administration. Direct graphical evaluation of the examination and test results makes it easy to view the progress of a patient’s treatment. Q_PERIOR has provided consultancy services for more than 400 clinics worldwide, and in doing so has acquired a wealth of technical process know-how and IT competency. The new tool has been successfully integrated into an IT structure that had grown over many years.

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What has our client achieved with this?


  • On average there was a 20% reduction in the time required for treatment
  • Efficient recording of medical data
  • Decrease in the administrative workload for clinic staff


  • Creation of a positive image as an innovative healthcare competence center


  • Improvement in the quality of the treatment patients receive
  • Doctors can use the iPad solution to gain access to historical and recent patient data at a glance

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