Data Management – secure and simple

Data Management – secure and simple

In the course of digitalization, there is an increase in the number of applicable legal and oversight requirements regarding information security. Hence it is necessary to establish systematic information security management that an information security officer takes responsibility for. That’s why a large development bank has decided to implement a risk-oriented information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001. Together with Q_PERIOR, a business impact analysis and a weak spot analysis have been carried out, and based on the results, an information security organization has been set up. This has taken a lot of strain off the IT department, as well as ensuring that the executive management is in compliance with all applicable regulations and will henceforth be rapidly involved in significant IT issues.

What has our customer achieved with this?

  • An increase of 23% in acceptance of information security measures
  • 100% fulfillment of all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Complete integration of information security into the ICS and risk management
  • Integration of the information security officer into the compliance team

Our Approach

Q_PERIOR successfully implements digitalization projects for development banks – from the analysis and conceptualization right up to the rollout.

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