Detailed knowledge of cost factors as the key to success

Detailed knowledge of cost factors as the key to success

Q_PERIOR supports a large, Austrian logistics company in the optimization of their corporate management. The Q_PERIOR customer is exposed to heavy price pressure in their package logistics markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The subsidiaries in Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia are subject to steadily increasing competition. Detailed knowledge of cost and revenue structures for all units is a decisive competitive advantage for the company.

The need to track each customer delivery requires the company to maintain very detailed documentation across the entire life cycle of the package: from pick-up, transport to delivery. The data generated from scans, route and billing information, etc. are not maintained in a single system, but are distributed across many different IT systems. This makes an overall evaluation and analysis of the process and cost factors significantly more difficult. Our customer provided its local units with a solution with which they can perform detailed analyses of product mix, customer segmentation and process and cost optimization, at an individual delivery level. This solution benefits the control managers as well as the logistics, marketing and sales departments.

Q_PERIOR was engaged in the project at all stages, from the technical concept, feasibility studies, to the implementation of a solution based on SAP BI.

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The benefits for our customer:

  • Optimized control options
    Through the granular calculation of the contribution margin on package level, control-relevant key figures can be accurately calculated and decisions can be made promptly.

  • Utilize package information history
    Historical package data could not be evaluated. With the implemented solution, detailed analysis including historical and current cost factors is possible.
  • Transparency – no black box
    The solution allows for easy and transparent comprehension of each calculation step.

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