Effective corporate management by means of value driver-based reporting

Effective corporate management by means of value driver-based reporting

Strategic corporate management focuses on increasing the company value instead of sales or profit. Many studies indicate that only a small number of reports in a company adequately represent the actual business model of a company. Many reports are too complex, time-consuming in their creation and do not cover the entire company. An Austrian energy supplier was faced with similar challenges, and therefore initiated the project “Value Driver Control”.

In recent years, the business model of the energy supplier changed significantly. In 2016, an acquisition of a large electricity business was made. This resulted in a change of the requirements for corporate management – in particular in connection with the IFRS.

The project “Value Driver Control” was initiated to support the energy supplier in the transparent and simple visualization of the changed business model. The main goal was the system-assisted representation of the primary key indicators to allow for corporate control at product level. The quality of reporting was significantly increased by adopting a value driver-oriented, target group-related and “best in class” key figure model.

Q_PERIOR supported the implementation of the key figure model based using SAP BW. The existing data model was expanded by evaluating parameters such as value drivers and value creation then developing a central data model for comprehensive reporting. This significantly increased the degree of automation, whereby the lead time for the creation of the monthly report could be reduced by almost 50%. Furthermore, the company is now able to respond more flexibly to new market requirements.

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The benefits for our customer:

  • Considerable time savings
    Actual and planned data are available ad hoc – reports no longer need to be created manually. Reports for the parent company are also more efficient as they can seamlessly process the supplied value driver information.

  • High degree of automation
    Because the department can maintain the parameters itself, no manual intervention in the data model is required and thus no technical support is necessary. Reporting is significantly more efficient and less prone to errors.
  • Consistent reporting
    All key figures are transparent and easy to understand up to the level of the individual posting and the underlying calculation formula.

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