The End of paper-based processes

The End of paper-based processes

These days, both businesses and private citizens expect an easy exchange of information with local authorities, regardless of time and location. The deployment of digital solutions enables public institutions to fulfill these expectations and requirements, whilst additionally increasing the appeal of the location, both for residents and for local businesses.

As a result, the Canton Aargau, which has more than 614,000 residents and around 31,000 local enterprises, making it one of the Swiss cantons with the greatest concentration of population and business activity, decided to implement an eGovernment infrastructure and digitalize numerous services. Using this technology platform, which has already received several awards, citizens and companies can make use of routine services provided by the local authorities without media discontinuities via a central online service desk. In the meantime, internal workflows have also been automated on the same platform. Q_PERIOR has been instrumental in the realization of this infrastructure in just 15 months, functioning as the general service provider in close collaboration with the IT department in Aargau.

For many years now, the Canton Aargau has been putting its trust in the specialized and IT know-how of Q_PERIOR. You can benefit from this, too!

The Benefits at a Glance:


  • Image as a forward-looking and modern canton
  • Greater competiveness in an international environment

Citizens and Companies

  • Up-to-date offering for services and information
  • Information provision is flexible and easy to access
  • Companies can save time and money


  • Information available centrally
  • Standardized processes and improved degree of automation
  • Electronic processing
  • Cost savings

Find out more about the eGovernment solution deployed by the Canton Aargau.

The deployed eGovernment platform is based on standard solutions from SAP and other producers, such as e-Spirit (content management systems), Google (search) und United Security Providers (security). One central component is a workflow (SAP BPM), which represents the interface between the administration and the citizens and companies. The user interfaces have been implemented with unhindered access using the content management system from e-Spirit, thus meeting the requirements of all the various user groups. All processes are monitored in a CRM system (SAP), so as to facilitate even better user support via all channels in the long term.

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