Energy reconceived

Energy reconceived

With the increasing use of renewable energy sources, there are more and more requirements for future power supply systems, especially in the interplay between power generation and demand. Grids, generation and consumption have to be linked together efficiently and intelligently.

Digitalization plays a significant role in the networking of the various components of the power supply systems. It should help to facilitate monitoring and optimization of all the linked-up elements. The goal is to ensure power supply on the basis of efficient and reliable system operation. In particular, technologies concerned with the “Smart Grid” will have a lasting impact on the power supply market in the next few years.

Digitalization: Future Opportunities and Potential in the Energy Sector

  • Digitalization as a basis for new customer services
  • Networked, digital Smart Home
  • Reorganization of the market (Smart Grid)
  • Transparent, efficient power supply control

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