Next stop: CIO organisation of the future

Next stop: CIO organisation of the future

Competition in long-distance transport has become increasingly fierce in recent years, forcing participant companies to orient themselves more strongly toward customer requirements and to make their own IT future proof. Achieving this requires the relevant IT processes and the roles in particular to be identified and optimized.

A Q_PERIOR customer operating in travel, transport and logistics therefore set out to operationalize the processes of its CIO organization. The aim was twofold: to create efficient and consistent IT support and operating processes, as well as enhancing the transparency and controllability of the company’s IT. The first step in implementing this undertaking entailed identifying the processes in the CIO organization. To this end, the processes applied to date and their documentation were recorded and optimization potential determined and subsequently realized. In addition, expert interviews with the process owners were conducted in order to develop, document and define the target processes. During the entire process of analysis and development, the Q_PERIOR project managers regularly reconciled the outcomes with the client. Furthermore, Q_PERIOR carried out transactions in an end-2-end workshop at the transport company in order to test the processes.

What did our customer achieve?

  • Defined processes right up to the third process level, with key success factors, inputs, outputs and interfaces.

  • Transparency in the processes through defining the activities necessary in each process step.

  • Clear responsibilities for the activities in the respective roles through the use of a RACI chart.
  • Compact and tried-and-tested implementation of process documentation using a template / best practices as an outcome document.

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