Scalability and cost benefits in testing

Scalability and cost benefits in testing

In the course of digitalization, there is an increase in the requirement for flexible and highly-scalable IT infrastructure. At the same time, companies are under pressure to make savings within their own IT. That’s why a leading global logistics company has decided to use a cloud architecture that, in future, can dynamically depict all test environments on a flexibly-scalable physical infrastructure. This new architecture enables the company, for example, to carry out important application tests without difficulty and without any necessity to adapt the system environment to the application parameters.  In addition, the test environment in the cloud can be activated in a few minutes and then deactivated again directly after usage. Henceforth this cloud solution should be made available by an IT provider, and charging will be made purely on the basis of the duration of usage of the virtual test environment. Q_PERIOR has provided the project manager and a subject expert for the definition of the functional requirements for the new test cloud. You can benefit from our experience and set the direction within your enterprise IT for a successful digital future!

What has our client achieved with this?

  • Minimization of unused hardware capacities
  • Sustainable reduction in operational costs, for example for individual maintenance
  • Additional savings for license costs
  • Increase in the average capacity utilization of the physical infrastructure

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