No gap between expectations and implementation

No gap between expectations and implementation

Transition management is essential in IT especially with a view to guaranteeing a smooth transition from systems and processes in transferring responsibility and to avoid potential errors. Effective transition management keeps the risk for the running IT and process environment to the greatest possible minimum, while ensuring that no gap arises between expectations and the actual implementation.

As part of first generation outsourcing, a mid-market energy supplier planned to transfer the responsibility for its entire IT operations to an IT provider. Q_PERIOR supported the provider in ensuring the successful transition to a new responsibility and business model. To this end, we carried out the strategic project planning and management, as well as establishing and heading up the project management office. In addition, change requests were implemented and escalations supported. Ongoing project controlling and reporting to management ensured the successful completion of the project on time and within budget.
In order to ensure smooth operation in the future as well, Q_PERIOR drew up future mode of operation concepts together with the energy supply company and undertook the respective acceptances.

What did our customer achieve?

  • Transfer of the IT system and the relevant processes to the IT provider.
  • Complete redesign and implementation of IT service management processes.
  • Development of service management reporting and a committee and role structure for collaboration.
  • Introduction of new services such as a self-service portal and knowledge management.

Carrying out of Transition Management

Q_PERIOR is experienced in planning and implementing transition management processes. We would be delighted to support you in realigning your IT to assist you in mastering the challenge of digital transformation.

Challenge: Achieving cohesion between customer expectations from the standpoint of the IT provider and the performance of the IT provider from the customer’s viewpoint.

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