Q_Regulatory Analytics with SAS – Effective and swift analysis for regulatory reports

The hierarchical structure of regulatory reports makes subsequent evaluation difficult. With “Q_Regulatory Analytics with SAS”, financial institutes are able to prepare, analyze, and use their reporting data efficiently.

2019-05-10T08:50:19+02:0020. August 2018|

Digitalization arend Standardization to ensure Regulatory Compliant Advisory Processes and Customer Orientation

Regulatory requirements are usually associated with additional sales and administrative overheads and costs. Sales processes can be adapted more easily to new or changed requirements if they have been standardised and digitised to the highest degree possible.

2019-05-03T17:55:20+02:0022. May 2018|

MaRisk at 8.2 – Requirements for “Changes to Operational Processes or Structures” of Banks

Our experts take a closer look at Article 8.2 of MaRisk and explain how the impacts of the planned changes to control processes and control intensity can be analysed.

2019-05-03T17:44:05+02:0018. April 2018|