Digitalization arend Standardization to ensure Regulatory Compliant Advisory Processes and Customer Orientation

Regulatory requirements are usually associated with additional sales and administrative overheads and costs. Sales processes can be adapted more easily to new or changed requirements if they have been standardised and digitised to the highest degree possible.

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Insurance Sales of the Future – Omni-Channel for successful Linking of Channels

How is the customer touchpoint in insurance sales going to change? New communication channels and points of contact are being created all the time – Insurers gain competitive advantage by developing an effective omni-channel sales system.

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A Sector in Transition: The Digital Transformation of Insurance Sales

The fall in demand for insurance and pension provisions and the rise in demand for digital products spells a major challenge for insurers: namely, the holistic transformation of insurance sales into standardised, digital consulting processes.

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Digital Client Consultancy: Software Selection wiht the Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant

Which consultancy system can help insurers to offer their clients need-oriented consultation throughout the customer journey? The Q_PERIOR Quick Assistant facilitates custom software selection.

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Ensuring Regulatory Conformity through Digital and Standardized Consulting Processes

The regulation of the insurance industry by European and national legislators is increasing. Existing requirements are evaluated and adapted to changing market situations. Q_PERIOR supports the implementation of compliant digital consulting processes.

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A hit or a miss: 5 success factors for customer portals in the insurance industry

Whether customer satisfaction, cost savings or new sales ideas: Many insurance companies hope to benefit from launching or optimizing customer portals. On closer examination, however, it becomes apparent that most of the projects fail. Business and IT consultants Q_PERIOR identify 5 critical success factors for insurers which make the difference between a hit or a miss.

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